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Happy Customers

Exposure and Sales The Very Next Day!

"We would like to send our appreciation of the service provided by ‘Get me on Media’, not only in the great customer service but the speed in getting Trakonline Auto up online.

After signing up we had exposure the very next day and clients booking Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections that day. Google is our strongest source of advertising and the majority of our clients come through Google.

Thank you for your quality and efficient service, we will continue to recommend you to our business clients and friends."
Louise Penhorwood
Business Support Manager
Trakonline Auto

Double the traffic and halved the cost….

“I was getting swallowed up by the Google cash register very quickly when I started my campaign. Since you guys came on board my cost has halved and my traffic has more than doubled. I cannot thank you enough.”
Danny Fletcher
Blinko Games

Advertising cost cut in HALF…

“I want to thank you for helping us with the Google ad campaigns.
I notice that almost anytime I do a search we come up and our costs have been more than cut in half."
Avi Weinstein
Mayanot Learning Institute

3 Calls a day….

“I spent £4,000 on a Yellow Pages advert and got 0 calls in 6 months.

Thanks to Get me on Media, my Neon sign business is thriving. I now get 3 calls a day and our ads appear at the top of Google everytime!"
Brett Epstein
BT Concepts

Six times more clicks….

“I got my web developer to set up my Google campaign in the beginning and thought everything was working well.
I was only getting 40 clicks a day and being charged £10. After realizing that I needed help with my campaign, I found you guys.

3 months later I’m now getting 250 clicks a day and still only paying £10 a day.
GREAT RESULT. Thanks so much for your efforts!
Todd Jones
Invest In You

Instant results…..

“I couldn’t believe it but within 30 minutes of my campaign going up, I made my first sale. I got so excited that that I wanted to write and say thanks!”
Michelle Kaplan
Aero Designs

Simple and hassle free….

“Congratulations. What a relief to finally find a simple, hassle free way to get my business listed on Google. It’s not just easy to use, but a highly effective marketing tool”
Mike Jarvis
Hot Spot Marketing

Increased sales by 400%...

”I wanted to thank you for the incredible work you've done on my Google campaign you have increased our customers by 400% in 3 months and are now responsible for HALF Of our companies turnover.
This may sound unbelievable but it is true."
Ben Patterson
Streaming Mobile
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